The golden formula of compatibility

When you fulfill your next “soul mate”, you most likely believed: “This is, in general, my male? How do I understand if we can do something with him? How soon will we bother each other?”

We do not know what to try to find when conference. We can alter from 10 to 20 “2nd halves” up until we really discover our own person … And then, unexpectedly, again, this is this: “Oh, you vile, horrible, insensitive monster! I’m moving to deal with my mom! ”

Buddies who are drawn to polyamory don’t have to worry about compatibility. However if you wish to develop an actually deep, intriguing relationship with one person, it is better to understand who is who and how to determine your compatibility.


The golden formula of compatibility looks like this:

How to Distinguish Healthy from Toxic RelationshipsNow I will describe:

1. PROVIDING: giving is something that a person easily and naturally shares; what he continuously releases. It can be emotionality, jokes, care, or purchasing of area, it can be simply practical assistance, or he is ready to shower with concepts, motivate and inspire. One method or another, each person has his own “wave” on which he radiates – this is what comes from him, what he offers.

2. ACCEPT: acceptance is what a person desires to receive from others. This is something for which he himself does not have the capability or strength, since each people experiences a kind of “vacuum”, open requirements in different areas of life. Here it is the very same: someone lacks emotions, somebody lacks order, somebody needs aid in daily matters, somebody does not have mental care, and so on. This is what we want to accept.

3. UNDERSTAND: Understanding is the capability of someone to correctly translate the speech, motives and actions of another. This is the capability to hear, see and comprehend exactly what our interlocutor wished to tell us by his actions or words.

COMPATIBILITY is … this is … Wikipedia, tell me!
“Psychological compatibility is an attribute of long-lasting interaction between 2 or more individuals, in which the symptoms of stable character traits particular of these individuals do not lead to long-term and insoluble contradictions without external interference. ”

Simply put, compatibility is when your and his/ her behaviour and character qualities do not piss you off. And if, sometimes, it is annoying – you can solve the issue together without resorting to outdoors assistance.


WHAT an individual can GIVE or RECEIVE – does not come from no place! This is determined by our inherent nature, our mental, or even socionic type!

Extreme JealousyIn other words, there are 16 kinds of people. They each have their own strengths and weak points. For the strong, we easily and with enjoyment provide, and for the weak, we are thankful to accept! I discussed this in detail in my YouTube video “8 languages of love”

To put it simply, then: understanding the type of person, you can reliably forecast what qualities he will reveal, and what he will naturally provide … It will also be clear what he does not have – this is what he will ACCEPT with appreciation.

UNDERSTANDING will also be better between individuals with the same values, in between people who speak the exact same language. These need to be people of the very same “aspect”! And worths, and psychological language, and the aspects – all this can be found out by figuring out the sociotype of a person.


If, expecting excellent compatibility, we will:

1. GIVE ONLY – it will be ALTRUISM!

If just, only to GIVE, without UNDERSTANDING the person and his needs, not knowing what he actually needs … And you also have nothing to ACCEPT from him – then this is selflessness. Additionally, with such a negative undertone of “injustice”.


If in a relationship you just want to ACCEPT, and you do not even have a desire to UNDERSTAND a person, or in some way thank him (to GIVE something, in the end), then this is pure selfishness. Thu on you!


If you are not interested in entering into an active relationship, GIVING and ACCEPTING desires does not develop, but at the exact same time you completely UNDERSTAND the actions, sensations and psychological language of a person, then a relationship without GIVING and ACCEPTING is just OBSERVATION. Passive observation.

Now let’s evaluate the combinations in regards to harder


If your relationship is based on the principle “you are for me, I am for you,” and you know completely well what you need to GIVE in order to GET yours, however at the very same time – no psychological understanding, typical values, empathy – as if they fell from different planets! This is a CALCULATION. Or a legal relationship. Well, this is … for an amateur.


If you offer a lot to an individual in a relationship, completely comprehending his needs and requirements; if you perfectly UNDERSTAND each other, and at the very same time this brute does not offer you anything in return, then this is returning without response, that is, SACRIFICE.


If you both UNDERSTAND each other completely, there is a feeling of kinship and a common language between you, however ACCEPT just you in this relationship, then this is not a relationship. This is USE! And it is even worse than selfishness, because you, [arehtanska b i owl soul], accepting the sacrifice of another, do not reciprocate.

Just in the aggregate 3 parts of this formula work!

COMPATIBILITY- this is when you naturally GIVE what is fundamental in you by nature; when you ACCEPT exactly what your partner likes to share; it is when you speak one language, when one quickly continues the idea of the other and there is no requirement to lose time on explanation. Since you UNDERSTAND each other!

Socionics will help you identify all 3 elements of this formula. What are you and your partner like? I hope this formula will help you when choosing your soul mate, along with deepening your relationship with an already existing ally or ally.

And keep in mind that we like not for quality. However we pick – according to them!

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